Friday, April 25, 2008

Review of EZ Form 1510

If you want to buy a vacuum forming machine to make molds, I would recommend that you look at the EZ Form SV 1510 manufactured by Centroform. I owned one of these vacuum formers and was very pleased. It sells new for $649.00 plus $37.00 shipping and handling. It can be purchased directly from the manufacturer, or if you check eBay sometimes they auction new machines or you can buy used machines for around $450.00.

The features and specfications for the machine according to Centroform are as follows:
  • Patent Pending

  • Heavy duty 10' grounded electrical cord

  • Maintenance free Galvanized seal less platen ( Forming area)

  • Small internal chamber which allows quicker suction

  • Operates on household 110-120 current

  • Plastic holding frame slides down quickly before plastic starts to cool

  • Incoloy® tubular heating element. Symmetrically engineered for uniform heat distribution to critical areas with no dead spots

  • Depth of draw up to 7 inches depending on mold shape and plastic
    Forms plastics up to 1/4"

  • Precut plastic (white, clear food safe, black and other colors) is available

  • Additional outlets are integrated in to the unit which allows additional (storage tanks - vacuum pumps) to be connected to the unit if needed, opens automatically when suction is applied

  • Unit ships with a starter kit which includes a variety of plastics

  • Operator’s Manual is included with pictures, sources for plastic and blister/skin packaging supplies, tricks on vacuum forming and molds
    The EZFORM SV 1510 works with all formable plastics which include : Styrene, Acrylic or Plexiglas, Pet-G, PVC, ABS, Polyethylene, vinyl, Lexan or Polycarbonate and many more

  • This unit can be used for production, prototyping, Magnetic letters, molds for plaster/concrete/candy/chocolate, Packaging, Blister packaging, Skin Packaging, sign making, mask making, special effects, RC Parts (cowls - wingtips - canopies) and many more

  • Limited lifetime warranty and free technical support

  • Specifications:
    Unit measures : 26 " high x 23 " long x 12 " wide
    Forming area : 15 ¼ " x 10 ¼ "
    Weight : 35 lbs

    The EZFORM ® series come with a high source handpump integrated into the unit, only the handle is visible. The machine has an elastic opening to attach your vacuum (shop vac or other common household vacuums) and another additional outlet to add an electric pump to replace the handpump for high volume production. This is how the machine works: The vacuum removes most of the air (it removes a lot of air quickly but it does not have a lot of torque) a pressure sensitive valve closes automatically when the vacuum is no longer able to suction. What is left is evacuated by the handpump or you can add an electric pump later if needed (the pump/handpump removes less air with more torque) .

I thought this machine had some better features as compared to other similarly priced machines. For example, the mechanism for getting the plastic over the model on the forming area is a pull down from the top type, instead of the flip from the side type. Once the plastic has sagged, you can pull it down quickly and straight. I have heard that the flip type causes the plastic to sway to one side while you are flipping it to the forming surface.

Another advantage is that you are able to use more than one vacuum source and the machine has a built in manual hand pump. For making detailed chocolate molds with logos, you need a really good suction to get in small places. Sometimes this is difficult, especially if you are only using a shop vac. The EZ Form machine allows you to use a shop vac combined with another vacuum source, such as a vacuum pump or air compressor.

If you want to learn more about vacuum forming machines, including how to make them yourself, visit The Chocolate Mold Factory's main website for articles and videos.

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