Friday, April 18, 2008

Chicago School of Mold Making

Anyone interested in taking a class about making chocolate molds, should contact the Chicago School of Mold Making. Michael Joy, sculptor and master mold maker, teaches three day workshops that teaches students how to make silicone molds. According to his website, some of the details of the workshop are as follows:

Silicone Mold Making Workshop

Class Description: Our three day workshop opens with a mold making demonstration. Immediately following, students make their own mold from similar objects. The process continues with students learning how to make Hydrocal master molds and then pouring food grade production molds. Once completed, students may make a mold of an object they have brought to class. Upon completion of the class, each student will leave with the molds they have made, including two or more non-food grade molds, Hydrocal master molds, food grade (platinum cured) silicone molds…and time permitting, a silicone mold of an object that you brought. An instructional hand out and resource list will also be provided.

Specific information addressed in class:* How to use non food grade and food grade silicone * How to design and make a silicone mold efficiently. * Making Hydrocal master molds for multiple mold production * Proper surface preparation, molding from almost any surface * Demo, using wax as a sculptural tool* Making a gang mold (multiple cavity mold)* How to recycle silicone* Locating additional sources and information outside of the food industry* How to recognize quality and craftsmanship in the mold industry.* Power Point presentation, The Shape of Food is Changing.

The cost of the workshop according to the website is $1,050.00 per student. Includes: all materials and an essential mold making tool kit (which you take home.)

If you have a question about the class you can call 708-660-9707 or send them an email

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