Friday, April 11, 2008

Custom Carvewright or Compucarve 3d Model Files

Many people are catching on to the Carvewright or Compucarve CNC system. For the first time it is possible to do computerized carving without having extensive CAD/CAM knowledge. A Carvewright user simply saves a project to a memory card, puts the card in the machine, and the machine tells the user what to do.

There are many companies out there making computer files of models that can be purchased. You have to be careful if you intend to make molds with any of these files. Copyright infringment is a serious issue. Make sure the seller knows what you intend to do with any file you purchase so as to avoid problems.

If you want to use the Carvewright system to make molds with your own designs or with your customers designs and logos, there are companies who will make the 3d model files for you. One such company is Vector Art 3d, Inc. Besides STL and ArtCam files, Vector Art 3d can make custom 3d files for the Carvewright system. You can go to their website and get a quote. To get the quote they just need an image, whether it be a photo or drawing. The website says that they try to get all quotes done within 72 hours.

You also choose whether the design will be exclusive or open use. This is critical. If you do not want your artwork copied make sure you choose exclusive. However, if it doesn't matter, you can choose open use and the cost of making the file will be reduced. Open use means that they will sell your file to other users.

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