Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Custom Polycarbonate Chocolate Molds

We often get questions about the price of custom polycarbonate chocolate molds.  Polycarbonate molds are the best for achieving a superior finish on the chocolate and they are much easier to work with. Custom polycarbonate molds are best suited for long run production.  They are complex to make, requiring the use of computer aided design, CNC milling, and injection molding.

So then, how much do they cost?  Well, Micelli Chocolate Molds in New York has an Artisan Mold Program.  Here is what they state on their website:

"Custom Polycarbonate Injection Molds for the Artisan or Chocolatier

 • Custom bar/tablet size design with or without your logo 
 • 3d rendering for your approval
 • Prototype mold to test the cavity
 • Mold layout drawing for your approval
 • Custom injection mold tooling to meet your requirements
 • Polycarbonate injection molds in size 275mm x 135mm, 175mm, 205mm or larger if needed
 • Complete custom bar/tablet projects starting at about $4,500

All prototypes and final mold orders ship via UPS directly from our New York, U.S.A. factory.

UPS charges estimated at $75 to $200 to most areas in the US and Canada."

As you can see, you need a to have a high volume need to justify the cost of making a custom polycarbonate mold.  But, if you do have that need and can afford it, your finished product will be dramatically better.

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