Friday, October 25, 2013

Chocoa Professional Chocolate Melter 6kg/13.2 lb. Same Quality; Less Expensive

The Chocoa Professional Chocolate Melter 6kg is a good deal by comparison.  If you shop some other well known sites and brands, you will find the same size warmer for $620 or more. This is a professional chocolate melter that is comparable to the Mol'd'Art design, but for much less the price.  It will hold 13.2 pounds of chocolate at a consistent temperature.

The melter uses dry heat rather than water, eliminating the risk of ruining a batch of couverture. The temperature is controlled with a built-in thermostat and the temperature dial is large.  It is made of stainless steel construction with a stainless steel insert. The body features 2 grooves on each side to make it easier to grip the insert and handle the melted or tempered chocolate. It comes with a durable plastic lid with a large plastic handle.  It is easy to operate and maintain.

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