Friday, July 18, 2008

Custom Chocolate Transfer Sheets and Dessert Wafers

Many people seem to be looking for a company or product to make custom chocolate transfer sheets, so I thought I would let you know about American Chocolate Designs of Atlanta. American Chocolate Designs® is a division of Gadoua Chocolate Designs and is a woman owned business. Gadoua Chocolate Designs prints designs, photographs, and logos directly onto a fine Belgian dark milk and white chocolate. If you want a chocolate transfer sheet or dessert wafer with a custom design or logo, I would refer you to them.

Ordering Custom Transfer Sheets
You will need camera-ready black and white artwork or a high resolution jpg file for a one-color-print. There may be additional requirements for multiple color artwork. There is a one case minimum (one hundred transfers) for custom chocolate transfer sheet orders. The set-up charge is $100 per color. For designs with more than one color, the price may vary due to the number of colors and design complexity. I am not sure of the case price for custom orders, but the case price for their standard designs are 10" x 11"
100 sheet case $195.00; 10" x 16" 100 sheet case $299.00. So, it would cost at minimum $295 for a one color custom chocolate transfer sheet.

Ordering Custom Dessert Wafers
The artwork, set-up charges, and ordering minimums for custom dessert wafers are pretty much the same as for the transfer sheets. They have several different shapes from which to choose including square, circle, oval, and heart. You can choose white chocolate or dark milk chocolate. Recommended colors for logos on white chocolate wafer include: brown, black, red, green, blue and burgundy. Recommended colors for logos on dark milk chocolate wafer are white and gold. The price for one color custom dessert wafers would be $100 plus -

30mm square 1232 per case $258.72
3 1/4" round 102 per case $96.90
2" round 506 per case $141.68
1 1/4" round 1008 per case $211.68
1 5/8" x 1" large oval 1056 per case $274.56
1" x 3/4" small oval 1936 per case $271.04
2" heart 500 per case $180.00

The ordering time is three weeks from finalization of the order and proof approval. Payment can be made by credit card.

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