Monday, July 7, 2008

Chocolate, Cocoa, and Confectionery Reference Book

Chocolate, Cocoa, and Confectionery : Science and Technology
By Bernard W. Minifie

If you are looking for an extremely complete reference book about the manufacture and production of chocolates and other confections, you may want invest in this book.  The 904 page book is written as a textbook about food science and technology.  It is considered by many to be the chocolate bible. 

You can preview some of the pages on Google Book Search.  Their description of the book is "Recognized as the industry standard, this definitive guide provides a comprehensive review of chocolate and confectionery production and processing operations. The technical and scientific aspects of the various manufacturing procedures are emphasized: formulations and recipes are used as needed to supplement explanations and to advance understanding of a particular process. Other areas include raw materials, emulsifiers, replacers and compounds, ingredients, sweeteners, starches and colors, applied methods, food value, packaging and entomology."

According to the table of contents, some of the chapters include:

Part 1:  Cocoa and Chocolate
Cocoa Processes
Chocolate Manufacture
Confectionery Coatings
Chocolate Bars and Covered Confectionery

Part 2:  Confectionery Ingredients and Processes
Sugars, Glucose Syrups
Milk and Milk Products
Aerating Agents
Gums, Glazes, and Waxes
Fruits and Jams

Part 3:  General Technology
Quality Control

The Appendix also includes a list of resources which many people report as being beneficial.  The book sells on Amazon for $190 new with free shipping or around $125 for a used version.  Below is a link to get to it.

Chocolate, Cocoa, and Confectionery : Science and Technology

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