Saturday, May 31, 2008

Prefamac Recycled Chocolate Moulds

Prefamac, a Belgium manufacturer of chocolate machines and moulds, is helping the environment by making recycled chocolate moulds. Not only is the product green, but it also is less expensive than their original counterparts. Of course, Prefamac still sells the original version and all of their moulds are available as new or recycled.

According to Jill Schreurs, Sales and Marketing, Prefamac does not know of any other company manufacturing recycled moulds. The moulds were tested at a university. They performed a comparison study between the transparant and recycled moulds. Conclusion: neglectable difference in quality.

The only drawback is that the recycled moulds may be a bit more difficult to work with. Since they are not clear, it is hard to see if all the air bubbles are out and to determine when the chocolate is ready to come out of the mould. Important considerations that can be overcome with experience.

Prefamac has a wide variety of mould designs available that can be exported all over the world. In addition to their standard designs, customers can have custom chocolate moulds made. The process of having custom moulds made is quite involved and expensive, so it works best when large quanities of moulds are being ordered for commercial purposes.

In addition to moulds, the company makes industrial and non-industrial chocolate making equipment and machinery. Some of the products include: tempering machines, melting kettles, moulding machines, flaking machines, enrobing belts, spinning machines, vibration tables, cooling tunnels, cutting devices, and more. If you are interested in buying their equipment, you should also consider buying moulds at the same time. Often, the moulds can be shipped with the machinery with no or little extra cost.

For more information, visit the Prefamac website. We at TCMF would like to express many thanks to Prefamac for sharing information about their products. Also, we sincerely appreciate the efforts the company is making to come up with new solutions that are sensitive to the environment.


Vinny said...

In Mexico City, exist aan other company to recicle the policarbonate to make mould for chocolate.
The name of this company is Moldes & Moldes or Poli Moldes.

Christina Durta said...

Thanks Vinny. Here is a link to the chocolate mold manufacturer's page translated using Google Translate.