Thursday, May 29, 2008

Toy Chocolate Coin Maker

If you ever wanted to know how imprinted, foiled chocolate coins are made, you can find out by buying a toy for less than $8 at Toys R Us. The Golden Chocolate Coin Maker is a simplistic, yet effective, toy that allows you to make foiled chocolate coins with embossed images. You can choose from a selection of 19 messages and designs to emboss your coins with, or you can make your own with the included scribe tool. The set I bought included some gold foil to get you started.

The process is the same as if you were going to be making thousands of coins. The chocolate is molded into the shape of a blank coin. Next foil is cut and wrapped aroun the chocolate. This is done by first foiling the bottom, then foiling the top, making sure to overlap the bottom. Next, you pick two dies, one for each side of the coin. One die is put on the bottom of the molded chocolate and the other is put on top. Put the sandwiched coin in the coin maker and when the handle is turned, force is put on the dies and the images are pushed into the chocolate. The finished product is a foiled coin with an imprinted image.

Obviously, this is only a toy and real chocolate makers have more automated systems; however, this is a great way to learn the process for a small amount of money.

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