Sunday, July 18, 2010

Making Custom Chocolates Using Logo Plates that fit into Master Molds

I was just reading an article about how some companies make mass custom chocolates from a company called Gourmet Gift Food People.  Apparently they sell customized chocolate products.  At any rate, they described the process of making custom chocolates and the reasoning behind set-up fees as follows:

" One of the questions we often hear is if the customer can keep the logo or company message chocolate mold when purchasing corporate logo chocolates, since they paid for the set up fee.

Answer: When you order a piece of chocolate from a catalog or website, the actual chocolate molds have already been created by the factory and the master plates are already made. When you add your logo or text message, a tiny plate, the size of the logo or text is created to fit snugly in to the master plate and this is how your logo or message is added to the chocolate. The chocolate mold plate created with your logo or message would not be useful for any other purpose as it was only created to fit in to the master chocolate plate for the item you are ordering this time. If you re-order again later in the year or even next year, the exact same chocolate item, your plate should be made available to use again without paying an additional set up fee.

However, if you choose to go with a different piece of chocolate, - something that would require your logo to be larger or smaller than the piece already created or shaped differently than the original to fit in a master mold, you more than likely will be required to pay a new set up fee."

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I have tried to do this before and you must be precise about getting the logo plate to fit very snugly into the master mold.  If anyone has information about this process, I am interested in learning more.

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