Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Silicone Molds to Make Large Artisan Chocolate Pieces

Jumble Box 10"

Jumble Box 6"

Confectionary Casting Frames

If you need to cast a large piece of chocolate, the use of a silicone box mold can be of great assistance. They are quite expensive, but can be used to mold many shapes and sizes of chocolate that would otherwise be difficult to find molds for. In the long run, you will save money as opposed to the cost of making multiple molds. For example, you can make a bases for chocolate showpieces, diagonal pieces, cubes, and wedges. If you had to make a new mold for each project, well, that would also be very expensive both in terms of material and labor costs. It is said that the boxes can be used to make over 100 shapes. An added bonus is that the slots on the 10" jumble box are actually molds to make two differnet sizes of cylinder shapes and with the 6" box, you can make triangular posts.

These molds are made by Chicago School of Mold Making. On the "Tips and Tools" section of their website, they have pictures showing many of the different ways to position the movable sections to make a variety of shapes. If you have both of the boxes, the 6" can fit inside the 10" box for expanded possibilities. You can also use flexible silicone confectionery casting frames inside the 10" jumble box to make curved shapes, as well as a wide variety of other linear shapes.

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