Monday, February 2, 2009

Jujups Personalized Chocolates - Special Offer

There is new personalized chocolate product offering on the market from a company named Jujups.  The finished chocolate product is very similiar to that of Chocolography, but the JuJups online personalized chocolate design and order process is revolutionary.  Jujups has developed online design tools that enable non-designers to create personalized chocolates effortlessly using its easy-to-use drag and drop design tools. Users can design, create and order chocolates with pictures, text or graphics. Chocolates are priced from US$20 onwards and would be shipped by the 2nd day.  Jujups has kindly offered a 5% discount for The Chocolate Mold Factory readers, use code VDAYCHOC5.  It is valid till 11Feb, the last day to order for Valentine's Day.

To order your chocolates, you simply choose from one of the many chocolate shapes available.  Then you can completely customize the chocolate using the JuJups online system.  Once you have added all of your personal design elements, you are able to preview your finished chocolate.  It is very user-friendly and I am unaware of anyone else with a similiar system. 

Jujups was launched in November 2008, as an online platform to make designing easy and fun. Jujups allows users without any designing background to create and share their designs online. Products that can be designed include mugs, t-shirts, photo frames, cards, gift tags and badges.  JuJups operates globally with partners in many countries who are able to print and deliver the designed products locally. Printable chocolates are a recent addition to its portfolio in Singapore and in the US. The company also enables users to create 3D printed products such as frames. JuJups online tools are free to use. While there are other template-based design services available online, the creative freedom afforded by JuJups is very significant making each design very different to each other.

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