Saturday, November 29, 2008

Chocolate Religious Figure Creates Controversy, Again

It looks like the chocolate Jesus debate will continue as a new product is becoming available on the market.  A German man is beginning to take orders for "The Original Chocolate GoldJesus®".

According to the manufacturers website,

"The Original Chocolate GoldJesus ® was developed as a 100g (3.53 oz) milk chocolate figure. A golden foil which achieves a very high-quality optical effect is used for wrapping the Original Chocolate GoldJesus®. Currently, the Original Chocolate GoldJesus® is casted individually by hand as an advance version, utilizing our prototype mould. In the near future we intend to mass manufacture the Original Chocolate GoldJesus ® in licence, making him affordable for everyone. We will use certificated, high quality, fairly traded, organic chocolate that is produced without exploitation of our fellow humans or the natural resources awarded to us by God, as this would be unchristian. A part of the license income will be used for charitable purposes to be announced soon. The Original Chocolate GoldJesus® will be available year around. It makes a great present for Christmas, Eastern, Communion, Confirmation, Baptism and other festivities, where they can help to refocus on the real meaning of these events."

Some churches have already expressed opposition to the Chocolate Jesus. In 2007, a life size replica of Jesus on the cross was created in chocolate and it stirred up quit a roar from the religious community. In particular, the Roman Catholic church was quite angry about it and thought it was disrespectful. The same type of emotion is being rekindled with the announcement of the The Original Chocolate Gold Jesus.

I will refrain from giving any opinion on the subject.

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Rachel C - thinladysings said...

It seems to me like worshiping a chocolate bunny is worse! I am looking for a chocolate Jesus mold for making Easter candy, and I think it makes more sense than a bunny!