Thursday, September 4, 2008

ChocoFresh - Chocolate Production Program

The owners of Tomric Plastics, an indusry leader in chocolate related products, have created a comprhensive program for retail chocolate production. The cost of the program depends on the individual needs, but the low end is $15-20,000; whereas, the full program with maximum production would be approximately $100,000. Those prices do not include shell construction or utility installations; only the equipment and supplies.

According to their website, "ChocoFresh is designed to demystify fresh chocolate production. It is a comprehensive program enabling retailers to create high quality, fresh chocolates on premise with a minimal investment in capital and human resources. ChocoFresh is modular – it can work in busy mall location, in an in-store bakery, as an airport kiosk or as a fully built out retail storefront – or anything in between. Whether viewed as a stand-alone retail concept or an add-on to an existing operation, ChocoFresh provides operators with an exciting and cost-effective retail concept in a food category that is large, sustainable and growing. In an area less than 150 square feet, ChocoFresh’s proprietary line of equipment can be installed. Because of the simplicity in operating the equipment, almost anyone could be trained to create high quality chocolate products in a matter of hours. With a minimum amount of space, training, and capital investment, a retailer can be up and running and selling finished products within days. ChocoFresh has assembled all the components needed to successfully implement such a program, including: Layout and Store Planning, Chocolate, fillings/centers, cocoa butters and other ingredients under our proprietary NEW WORLD CHOCOLATE brand, automated production and finishing equipment, chocolate molds, tools and utensils to assist in the production process, consumer/retail packaging, merchandisers and display cases, training and operations support."

There are four different program levels: Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

The platinum program is the most extensive program. It is designed for high volume production and is intended for experienced operators with a well trained staff, or those who wish to make a full commitement to large scale chocolate production. It includes a tempering unit combined with an enrobing tunnel and cooling chamber. It has the largest supply of molds and accessories - such as image transfers. Other included equipment are: an 80" work table, chocolate warming unit with lighted back bar merchandisers which sit on top of it, 39" refrigerated display case, a refrigerated dipping cart, full range of small appliances, and a start up ingredient package of 5,000 pounds of chocolate and compound. With full training and support, a typical installation will cost approximately $100,000.

The gold program is for high volume, large operators who want a full production and merchandising capability around their retail setting, such as in-store bakeries, high volume restaurants, hotels, specialty retail and gourmet food stores. It includes an automatic tempering unit and depositing/dosing head, table top temperers, an 80" work table, chocolate warming unit, a 39" refrigerated service merchandising case, back bar service merchandisers, 3,000 pounds of chocolate and compound, truffle centers, and miscellaneous appliances and packaging to enable startup. It does not include the cooling and enrobing tunnels contained in the Platinum model. The approximate cost is $75-$80,000.

The silver program is the best choice for entry-level operators who want volume production at a lower cost. Many operators can start at this level and upgrade later. It involves most of the pieces in the Gold program, but on a scaled back basis. The equipment includes an automatic tempering machine and dosing head, 80" work table, chocolate warming unit, refrigerated display case, dipping cart, assorted small appliances and packaging, and 2,000 pounds of chocolate and compound, as well as a variety ganache-style centers and colored cocoa butters. Approximate cost is in the $65,000 range.

The bronze version of ChocoFresh is geared towards those who cannot move into full scale production. It utilizes a dipping cart, which holds tabletop tempering units. The dipping cart - custom designed by ChocoFresh - is a rolling unit that can be used to create "chocolate theatre" and a variety of chocolate confections such as dipped strawberries, biscotti, salty snacks and similar items. Due to the customized nature of this program, its cost is not quoted.

For more information about the program and to see a list of all the components, you can visit the ChocoFresh website or contact them at:

ChocoFresh, Inc.
85 River Rock Drive, #202
Buffalo, New York 14207
p: 716.854.6050 f: 716.854.7363

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