Thursday, September 11, 2008

Cacao Barry Recipes and Demonstrations Online

Cacao Barry, a company well know for its high grade of chocolate products, has recipes and video demonstrations on its website. Just like their products, the website is well tailored and in good taste.

There are both basic and advanced videos that can be accessed after registering with the site. Some of the instructional videos include moulding solid figures, moulding bon bons, tempering chocolate, and using decorations.

In addition, there are recipes for confectioners including many different praline, bonbon, and truffle flavors. For each recipe, links are given to the Cacao Barry products that are used. Also, when viewing the product pages, links are given for recipes and advice is given for using the product.

If you have some time, I would highly recommend viewing the website and becoming more familiar with the Cacao Barry product lines.

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