Friday, April 4, 2008

Personalized Chocolate Options

There are many different reasons for wanting a personalized chocolate product. Some people want them for corporate promotions, weddings, baby showers, non-profit fundraisers, and the list goes on. Depending on your budget, there are many options available ranging from a personalized wrapper to a full custom 3d chocolate.

  • Personalized Wrappers: You can have a custom printed candy bar wrapper or a custom printed label on a candy package. The printing can be text, logos, and photos. With this, the actual chocolate product is not customized, rather only the label is. You can buy only the wrappers, or the completed chocolate product already wrapped or with your custom label.

  • Personalized M&M's: Another simple method is to order personalized M&Ms. There are many different color, message, and packaging options to choose from.

  • Custom Foil Embossed Wrapper: Foil stamping is usually done to customize chocolate coins, although it can be done with other shapes and sizes. You can have the foil embossed with text and logos. Usually there is a set-up charge for foil stamping.

  • Custom Chocolate Transfer Sheets: A transfer sheet creates an image on chocolate by using edible inks. The food grade coloring is printed on a acetate sheet and is transferred to the chocolate during the molding process. This process creates a trendy artisan chocolate. There is usually a set-up charge for printing the transfer sheets, somewhere around $100 - $200, and a minimum order. Plus, you will have the cost of actually making the chocolates and packaging.

  • Custom Molded Chocolates: Molded chocolates are the most customized type of chocolate. For this type of chocolate, a custom chocolate mold needs to be made. There are basically two types of molded chocolate - flat and 3d. Flat chocolates are only molded on one side. Examples include, chocolate business cards, chocolate suckers, and many novelty chocolates. There are many companies who can make flat chocolate business cards and other shapes and this is the least expensive type of custom molded chocolate. It can usually be done for a set-up charge of $100 - $200. Again, this does not include the cost of actually making and packaging the chocolate. Custom novelty chocolates, whether flat or 3d, are more involved. An example might be if a company wants a chocolate replica of its product. This type of molding usually requires hand sculpting, computer aided design, and/or computerized machinery. The set-up charge on this type of mold can become very expensive even running into thousands of dollars.

As you can see, the cost of ordering custom chocolate products can become very expensive. To reduce the cost you may want to consider trying to make them yourself. At The Chocolate Mold Factory's main website you will find many free tutorials and videos explaining how you can do this. Many times you can make the molds yourself for under $100.

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